Technical Board Logo

Selected as a winning entry

Concept of Logo

Keywords: Technology, Organization, Collaboration, Innovation, IIT Guwahati, enterpreneurship, Leadership, Knowledge

Visual Inspiration: Eye, Mobius Strip, Sun, Gear, Target, Nonagon

Technical Board,part of student gymkhana body of IIT Guwahati is responsible for conducting technical activities on campus.Being a technical institute it has important role of promoting love for technology ,innovation ,entrepreneurship among students. It has 9 other clubs like aeromodelling club ,coding club etc working under it to promote its vision. We design a logo to bring out major ideologies of technical board through a single unified graphic element. We identified certain keywords like innovation ,technology, organization ,colloboaration, dynamism etc that should reflect through our logo.The form of logo is inspired from the nonagon(nine side regular polygon) and consists of 9 curvilinear triangular elements arranged together in a continuos circle . it signifies the organization of 9 clubs working and collobarting together under the umbrella of technical board. to achieve their wholesome goal of promoting technology among studnets.These 9 shapes together form a kind of mobius strip to express dynamism ,flow and flexibilty. Through the negative white space of logo we have tried to capture the image of mechanical gear which signifies promotion of technology ,new knowledge etc.The circle at the center inspired from sun’s shape impyling the vast source of knowldege and technology that technical board has for students to learn and share. The blue color has been used for expressing tinnovation and management while the orange colour stand for knowledge, enlightment etc.

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