Future of Emails

An Ozchi 2013,a 24 hour student design challenge
Keywords:CARD UI,Personal Assistant


The work was done as part of the Ozchi 2013 24 hour student design challenge.The challenge involves coming out with a solution to given problem statement in a period of 24hours following a rigorous design Methodology.Its an international interaction design competetion conducted for past four years.For the Ozchi 2013,the challenge was to speculate the future of emails taking into account the current of emails like Email Overload,task management etc. The full problem statement could be seen here.

Proposed Solution

Before expectations from emails had arisen, letters were exchanged, and functions like personal information management, contact management, and task scheduling were carried out by people themselves or their personal assistants. Since humans were involved in the system and letters’ role were to convey information, errors were less. However, now letters have been replaced with emails, and traditional roles of assistants are gradually being taken over by emails. But now machine involvement is more, and thus, the system is far from perfection. This does not conversely imply that the system is not smart enough or would not evolve. Applications of correct set of algorithms has made the email system more dynamic than ever, and as time goes by, this system would get smarter. It becomes important to ensure that it serves our needs and expectations as intelligently as a human assistant.

The solution proposed and the design process followed is documented on blog:www.teamfosters.wordpress.com

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