IIM Lucknow Logo Redesign

an assignment for university logo redesign

Concept of Logo

Visual Inspiration: Eye, Sun Rays, Tree, Sun, letter i

The logo has been designed in the form of tree which symbolizes the philosophy of IIM Lucknow to serve the nation and work for its well being through their better management practices,The tree symblizes an institution of service ,knowledge ,vision and leadership. The bark with the small circle stands for an invidual who is an innovator , leader and a manager (which IIML expects to produce) that could stand strong and determinant and could easily manage an organization of people (symboized by upper portion of tree ) and help it grow and reach new heights through his vision,innovation and imagination. This also symbolizes the philosophy of IIML to globally integrate with many institutions(symbolized by group of rays) and work for better management practices The upper part of logo also creates an image of spread of sun rays which stands creation and spread ofknowledge and management practices. The colour scheme of the logo has been keeping in mind the colour of indian flag as well as sun rays

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