Chemicable:Tangible User Interface for Learning Chemical Bonding

Guide: Asst.Prof Keyur Sorathia
Duration:Jan 2013-Apr 2013
Keywords:Chemical Bonding,Lewis Model,Tabletop


ChemicAble is an interactive tabletop interface that helps students of grade 8-10 understand ionic compound formation. It acts as an exercise tool for students to understand better the concepts of ionic bonding by letting them explore and learn. It has first 20 elements of the periodic table being represented by 20 hemispherical tokens (atoms). Lewis dot structure which is being taught in these classes, formed the basis of our instructional content for the prototype. The prototype was developed using processing and rear-di like setup. The final prototype was evaluated with students using 4-point Likert-scale and their feedback was noted. The result showed effectiveness of the system as an exercise tool. However, certain shortcomings were also observed which could be used to increase the system usability and effectiveness in future.

2.Project Presentation

3. Video

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