BRICS Logo Design

Competetion Entry for BRICS Conference Logo Design Competetion

Concept of Logo

My major aim while designing a logo was to make such a logo that could convey the qualities of unity ,strength,development,strong interconnections and relations etc.I have choosen just a basic rectangle shape (which could imagined as a shape of the flag of all these countries which is rectangular in all cases or even a shape of a brick)to design all these fonts in such a way that the feeling of unity ,power and strong relation between these five countries of brics(brazil russia india china and south africa) could be visible.the dot of ‘i’ to maintain the unity in design. The five colors for the fonts have been inspired from flags of these five countries that are part of the political organisation “brics”.The logo have designed in such a way that it remains aesthetic and harmonious and remains readable to the reader in verysmall size as well as large size and the black-white logo too look aesthetic.


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